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Professional Pet Grooming Services in Mississauga

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is our regret to inform you that until further notice we are only able to provide medical grooming. Medical grooming is clipping/dematting of hair from part or whole body. This may be done under sedation if required.


Spending time with your pet is one of the most relaxed moments in your day. Your pet, like every other member of your family, requires regular grooming to stay neat and clean. At Malton Veterinary Services, we offer grooming services for cats. Grooming services are done by our experienced technicians. Our services include lion clips, shaving matted fur, and brush-outs with spray shampoo. Grooming costs also include ear cleaning and nail trimming. All dog grooms are referred to Anna at Bark N' Wag Grooming or Pet Smart. Our goal is to offer convenient and quality grooming while keeping your pet’s best interests in mind. We have the right tools to fully cater to your pet grooming requirements.

Kindly Note: All pets that come into our facility for grooming must be up to date with routine vaccinations. If proof cannot be provided, vaccinations must be given (at owners expense) before or during the pets grooming appointment.

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