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Monthly Promotions

Take advantage of our monthly promotions on our veterinary services in Mississauga. 

Please note: No rain checks or refunds will be given on the monthly promotions. No exceptions.


As January is pet wellness month, we would like to offer 10% off all blood work done with pet exam appointment. Let our professionals examine your pet to help them live a healthy life.


This National pet dental month, keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and clean. We offer 10% off a dental cleaning, food, and products. Our professionals will help you to figure out a health plan suitable for your pet’s dental needs.


Receive 10% off fecal testing in March (zoonotic month). The fecal test can diagnose various parasites that may be evading your pet and your environment.


April is heartworm awareness month. Heartworm is a deadly disease that can result in heart failure, lung disease and other organ failure in pets. This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. Protect your pet by having them tested to make sure they are free of this disease. During the month of April, receive 10% of all heartworm or wellness tests.


Receive 10% off all spays and neuters in May (spay and neuter month). Spaying and neutering help pets to live a longer and healthier life. It is a cost-effective method to fight pet overpopulation.


June is a heartworm, flea, and tick prevention month. Get 10% off with your purchase of a 6-month supply of pet food Heartgard, Advantage/multi or Revolution.


Receive 10% off all vaccines in July (vaccine month). Vaccinations help to prevent diseases such as rabies that can be passed to other animals and also from your pets to people. As per the law in Ontario, all pets should be vaccinated for rabies.


Receive 10% off dental cleanings, food, and other products before the end of the year.


As September is senior pet month, we are offering 10% off all senior blood profiles for pets over the age of 7 years. Blood tests help to find out any abnormalities in older pets.


In the month of October, receive 10% off fecal test. This test helps to find out zoonotic diseases and parasites in your pets.


Last chance of the year to receive 10% off your pet’s spays and neuters.


Get 10% off all vaccinations in December. In the province of Ontario, all pets must be vaccinated for rabies by law.

If you have any questions about our services, contact us today !

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